Where are Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional shares traded?

Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional shares are registered for trading under ticker “CSED3” and are listed in the B3’s Novo Mercado segment, the highest level with differentiated corporate governance practices.

What does Novo Mercado refer to?

Novo Mercado is a segment aimed at trading shares of companies that voluntarily implement corporate governance practices in addition to those required by Brazilian law. The listing in this special segment implies the implementation of a set of corporate rules that increase the shareholders’ rights, in addition to the disclosure of policies and the presence of supervisory and monitoring structures. The Novo Mercado guides companies to the highest standard of corporate governance. Companies listed in this segment may only issue shares with voting rights, the so-called common shares (ON). Click here and learn about some Novo Mercado rules related to the governance structure and shareholders’ rights. Source: B3

When Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional went public?

On February 09, 2021, with the trading of the stock exchange started on February 11, 2021.

How and where does Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional disclose its information?

All material facts, notices to the market, minutes of board of directors’ meetings, management proposals for meetings, financial statements and other documents are disclosed simultaneously at the CVM (www.cvm.gov.br) and Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional’s investor relations site (ri.cruzeirodosuleducacional.com.br/en/).

How can I contact the IR sector?

Click here to contact Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional’s Investor Relations area.

Who are the members of the Board of Directors?

Click here to learn more about Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional’s committees and executives.