Positively impact our stakeholders¹

Our mission is to transform our resources to positively impact stakeholders, through the formation of qualified and respected citizens and professionals who effectively contribute to local and country development.


ESG (environmental – environmental, social and governance – governance) defines how organizations should act to ensure the preservation of the environment and promote social transformations that generate positive impacts for society, in accordance with the best governance practices, ethically, with integrity and transparency.

To fulfill our mission, we have made significant progress in the ESG Agenda, with a commitment to integrating sustainability into our daily lives and promoting concrete transformations for all stakeholders.

Our Commitments


Engage HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) in efforts to minimize the impact of activities on the environment and promote environmental education among our stakeholders.


Investing and expanding people’s development strategies inside and outside the HEIs, promoting a legitimate social transformation, through engagement programs and the provision of various services and assistance to communities.

Corporate Governance

Develop good practices and act ethically, with integrity and transparency.

Our Numbers

+ 407 thousand


6,746 thousand


43% women

In leadership positions


Educational Institutions




Distance Learnings Centers (DL)

4.8 million

Community services

Our Quality Indicators

Note from Quality Regulators Indicators
CC 100%
CI 100%
IGC 100%
CPC 98%
Enade (560 courses) 98%
Capes 100%
Proportion of HEIs and Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional courses with satisfactory concepts in MEC assessments. In 2021, 560 courses were evaluated via Enade.

Our Reports

¹stakeholders who must comply with the corporate governance practices implemented by the Company