Corporate Profile

Since 1965, Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional has been committed to education and has established its position as the fourth largest education group in Brazil – a market position based on the active number of students.

Operating nationally with multi-brands, the Company offers quality academic and professional training through 14 higher education institutions with recognized local brands, through undergraduate, graduate and extension courses in the on-site and distance learning modalities, focused on young people from different social classes who consider education as a social differential and are willing and committed to investing in their future. The Company also operates with five institutions of early childhood and elementary education (early childhood, elementary and high school).

It presents a solid and disciplined decision-making process based on strategy, commitment and execution of the management team and shareholders, which includes all the characteristics of the value proposition to the student – based on the combination of its infrastructure, high levels of academic quality, location and content delivery and support to the student – as well as the levels of growth and efficiency.

Cruzeiro do Sul Educational in figures

Currently, our operations include:

  • 14 Higher Education Institutions
  • 5 Elementary and Early Childhood Education Institutions
  • 01 national brand for distance learning courses
  • 407 thousand students in on-site and distance learning courses
  • 7,226 employees
  • 27 campi
  • 1.529 Distance-Learning Centers

Base: mar/2023

Our Brands