Competitive and Quality Characteristics

Quality and Competitive Characteristics

Throughout our history, based on a long-term sustainable strategy and commitment to quality, we have combined several competitive characteristics in our performance in the educational market.

Business management and organization

The Company is structured and managed in a single business unit. The courses available, while aimed at several different groups and offered according to the contracted teaching method, they are not controlled and managed by the Management as independent segments, since the Company’s results are monitored and assessed in an integrated manner. The campuses are coordinated by local deans and/or directors, who are responsible for monitoring their entire operation, the teaching staff, the goals to be achieved and the quality control of teaching and learning, as well as the infrastructure and support services.

Consolidated regional leadership

Our expertise includes the ability to identify traditional and high-quality institutions, with renowned regional brands that are recognized for their excellence, and, by acquiring them, our capacity for short-term integration and synergy, which directly reflects and enhances the results achieved in the official academic indicators of the Ministry of Education, through the use of innovative and quality methodologies. Our performance combines extensive knowledge of the market with strategically located facilities, thereby placing us as one of the most representative and diverse higher education groups in the country. Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional is constituted by institutions of strong brands, with distinct positions, respecting the particularities of the region where they are located, becoming Top 2 in market share in all its fields of influence, as well as the second largest distance-learning network in the country.

Comprehensive portfolio

Our services include courses in all areas of education and levels – basic education, undergraduate, postgraduate, stricto sensu and lato sensu – and non-regulated courses, in all formats and modalities – on-site and distance learning, the latter comprising: (i) online only or (ii) semi on-site 4.0, which includes online teaching and on-site practical classes, and (iii) semi on-site 4.0i, which includes online teaching, theoretical and practical classes by digital or on-site methods. The Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional Ecosystem is fully flexible to market demands, students’ needs and potential regulatory changes. Our portfolio of premium on-site brands with regional leadership is designed for students seeking distinctive learning, with on-site activities and enhanced interaction with tutors and teachers at over 25 campuses. In distance-learning, we operate with a unique national brand strategy– a Cruzeiro do Sul Virtual – which combines regional recognition, courses and programs of the seven institutions of the Company certified to offer courses in the distance-learning format, offered by a chain of 1,134 hubs – distance-learning education across all Brazilian states and the Federal District, being one hub in Japan.

Value proposition to the student

Our premium, high quality brands have a unique approach for students, resulting in distinctive growth levels, which is based on the combination of three main pillars: (i) high academic quality, location and first class infrastructure; (ii) high student involvement through academic support, with a comprehensive student support system designed to improve learning opportunities and engagement; (iii) comprehensive and scalable digital platform with own content development of premium quality learning materials (physical and digital, video of the disciplines, free courses, placement courses, study guides, podcasts), with an extensive content base.

We value high academic standards

We are recognized in the market for the quality of our services by offering quality academic and professional training, certified by the official MEC indicators (IGC, CI, CPC, CAPES, among others) and by the main independent academic rankings. The teaching methodology focuses the educational action on the active and critical participation of the student to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge, to develop competences and to build values and attitudes, processes in which the disciplines/activities contents are designed in order to create the foundations for students to develop the necessary competences for professional practice and critical participation in current society.

Significant Growth

With a consistent strategy of organic growth, by expanding its on-site activities and establishing distance and inorganic education centres, through the acquisition of teaching institutions with brands that the Company considers regionally relevant, we have registered improvements in both the financial and academic indicators, resulting from the Company’s management’s expertise in academic and financial integration and in gaining synergy from the acquired educational institutions.